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Concierge Rheumatology

As Rheumatology patients know, autoimmune treatments are often complex and require close monitoring. Dr. Stermer prides himself on thorough and compassionate patient care and in service of this, is proud to offer One Rheumatology Concierge to a small panel of 100 patients.

What is included?

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Direct Communication

Call or Text Dr. Stermer directly, 7 days a week + after-hours on a dedicated HIPAA-compliant line


Priority Appointments

Be seen sooner. In-office or telemedicine appointments available within 24 hrs for urgent needs. 

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Longer Visits

Most appointments will be scheduled for at least 40 minutes or as needed.

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Care Plan Management 

Routine coordination with PCP and associated specialists. Expedited coordination of referrals, tests, and prescriptions.

What does One Rheumatology
Concierge membership cost?

One Rheumatology Concierge costs $2,400 annually, or $800 per quarter for our seasonal patients. 


To provide the best care possible, Dr. Stermer only accepts a panel of 100 concierge patients.


PLEASE NOTE: One Rheumatology Concierge is not in place of insurance, your insurance will still be charged. Patients are also required to see a Primary Care physician and other specialists as needed. 

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Interested in One Rheumatology Concierge?

Please fill out the form and we will be in touch with more information soon.

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  • One Rheumatology Annual Concierge

    Every year
    Annual membership
    • One Rheum Concierge
  • One Rheumatology Quarterly Concierge

    Every 3 months
    Seasonal 3-month concierge membership
    • One Rheum Concierge
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